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Sprousebros.comSpousebros.com is the official website of the Sprouse brothers.

Who are they? Dylan and Cole Sprouse are American identical twin brother actors also known as Cole & Dylan, the Spouse Bros., or the Sprouse Twins. They have appeared in films like Big Daddy, Grace Under Fire, and on friends as Ross’s son Ben and in Disney’s Channel series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. On their website you can learn everything about them, read their biographies, and their filmographies. You can also access to photo galleries of the twins as well as some videos. If you are a true fan of them, you can join their fan club. Also, the website features an online store where you can buy all their related products like T-Shirts, DVDs, CDs, and other merchandise. Finally, in order to get all their latest news and upcoming appearances, you can subscribe for free to their email newsletter. Sprousebros.com