SpringLeap.com – The Coolest T-Shirts

SpringLeap.comSpringleap.com could be defined as more than a merely social media online.

It is a very effective way for those artists who are looking for an opportunity of making good money. In addition to the fact that this site invites visitors to submit their T-shirt designs and get to be recognized for them, they can also get money if their design is voted for by the burgeoning Springleap community

Once you have joined the Springleap community, you can create your own profile, as well as you can upload, vote and list your favorite designs. The site also allows you to make comments and answer to what others are saying about the latest entries. You can also update your status the same way you do with Twitter and Facebook.

Springleap is creating some of the most exciting and effective crowdsourcing software around, because its creators have understood that this concept is the future. Their crowdsourcing software has been used by a number of global companies to look for creative ideas and has been extremely useful. Take a look at the site and enjoy