SpiritElements.com – Better Home Or Garden Looks

SpiritElements.comCatering for interior and exterior décor needs, this site is a one-stop-shop for furniture, fountains, pergolas, gazebos and log cabins. SpiritElements.

com is very nicely designed, and has comfortable thumbnail galleries for each category, making the quest for the perfect piece just a matter of clicks. Some of the structures for sale at this site might need permits, and while you can’t get information on local regulations directly from the site, they can provide blue prints and other data to help the buyer in the process of requesting government authorization. I found the information on the site to be rather insufficient when it comes to measurements and installation data, like whether clients can assemble the furniture on their own or are best advised to call someone in, in which such case a directory of fitters would be very convenient. Spirit Elements offers some customization options, but they are listed as an independent category; the ideal would be to provide links to customized furniture and structures on the very pages that display the standard options. SpiritElements.com