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Spiked-online.comSpiked-online.com is an independent site that promotes liberal and critical thinking.

They are totally against misanthropy, prejudice, and any kind of philosophy that limits people’s mind. Two of their more admired authors are Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill. At the web site you will see different sections, such as: Spiked Campaigns, Top Issues, etc. Among these latter there is: abortion, anti-social behavior, environment, free speech, middle east, war on Iraq, education, film, parents and kids, USA, euthanasia, slavery, war on terror, religion, transport, domestic violence, battle of ideas, ethical living, liberties, live earth, and many more. Each topic contains several links in which you’ll find relevant information. On their site you can write letters, check out their review books and events, or participate in on line debates. If you need further data about what they do, don’t hesitate in visiting their site; all open-minded people are welcome Spiked-online.com