– Free Online Tools For Webmasters

Spacesurfer.comStarted in the year 1999 in the United Kingdom, is a site that offers online tools for webmasters free of charge.

Moreover, these tools can be customized at will in order to suit the needs of the user. There is a search engine available that goes by the name of MiniSearch which can index the site, so that surfers will find what they are looking for in a simple, uncomplicated manner. Likewise, the “UpdateMe” option lets the webmaster create a Maling list, useful to keep surfers informed of the latest developments and fully up to date. There is also a useful link which features several domains for sale. If the webmaster wants to send customized electronic cards from his website, complete with his pictures and music there is an option that enables him to do so. Lastly, other available services include Hosting, SSL certificates and Registration of Domain names.