– Software Company Index provides marketing services to software developers.

Furthermore, their aim is to help them in promoting their software products through the web. They are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Among the marketing services they offer there is software protection and activation, software promotion and distribution, software marketing business directory, virtual office and mail forwarding, etc. In addition, they also create CD-on-demand. From their web site you can browse through their directory and look for software manufacturers. Some of this latter are: Geovid, Information Packaging, Object Planet, Astro Gemini Software, Oxygen Software, Belgsoft, Division Software, Bitrix, DeskShare, Fastream Technologies, tM Services, Trisnap Technologies, Technology Lighthouse, Torrent Buster, Videocharge Software, just to mention a few. There is a large company index, of over twenty thousands of software companies. On the top of the webpage there are diverse links, such as: software, freeware, backup soft, CDR backup, site software, SPC software, etc.