– Say No To Psychiatry

Sntp.netIf you are against psychiatry and their treatments then this site is appropiate for you. Sntp.

net is a site that gives you information about the side effects that psychiatric treatments and drugs can cause to you. The site is divided in different categories so you can find what you need in a faster way. The categories that are featured at the site are history of psychiatry, history of psychology, psychiatric drugs, prozac, ect, lobotomy, destroying education; harming society: eugenics, psychiatric labeling; alternatives: children – ritalin, adhd & learning; eldery victims rising immorality crime & violence: big money, fda & drug companies, who’s normal?, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, incarceration; sexual abuse, psychiatric abuse, behaviorism, social engineering tardive dyskinesia, brain damage, real science?, or thechnomythology?, psychiatry & the third reich cia mind control and experiments. So if you want to find information about this issues then you should check out this site.