Snitch.Name – The Social White Pages

Snitch.NameTaking into account the speed at which the social web moves and increases, a service like Snitch.Name is more than a worthy addition to the cause – it is an outright necessity.

In general terms, what the site will enable you to do is to look up anybody in the social web as a whole, or – at the very least – the most popular sites and networks available. All you have to do is furnish that person’s first and last name, and choose the social services to be sifted through.

In actuality, you can conduct searches not only in social sites per se, but also in professional and academic networks such as Likdeln and DBLP. In addition to that, the provided engine can look up names in blogs powered by WordPress.

This is a free service that can be tried out by anybody, anytime, so that if you want to see if it delivers the goods or not you can do so in person. Just follow the link which is provided below.

Snitch.Name In Their Own Words

“Search for people’s profiles on social sites.”

Why Snitch.Name It Might Be A Killer

The social web grows every second. Any tool that makes for a more ordered experience is a good addition indeed.

Some Questions About Snitch.Name

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