– See the answer in a snap! is a picture games website.

There are 9 games all based on different themes. The games are: Close-Up Mania, Pixel Mania, Animal Magic, Go Ballistic, Celebrity Mania, Album Mania, Sweet Tooth, Football Mania and Where in the World.
The picture games are all timed trials with the three fastest correct answers winning credits. The games are all free to play once, but subsequent atempts to improve timings will cost credits. Win 10 consecutive games and you will also win an iPod Nano.

Why It Might Be A Killer

10 reasons why might be a killer:

(1) Picture games are addictive & fun for everyone.
(2) The games are perfect to play during a break, while bored at work or home.
(3) The website has 9 differently themed games to appeal to a wide audience.
(4) The pictures are of a high quality & often relate to current events.
(5) The games are updated twice a week and all the previous games are also available.
(6)The games are free, but players can pay to improve your answers.
(7) Players’ times are recorded and everyone can check their own answer (8) Multiple winners can also win an iPod Nano.
(9) The Website has a great vibrant design.
(10) Snaptease has a Games of the Day gadget posted on iGoogle, Bebo & Facebook.