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Smart-kit.comDoing puzzles can help you keep your mind young. The creator of this website thinks that the common belief that doing only crossword puzzles can help you with that is completely false.

The objective of this website is to create a brain gym and puzzle playground. You will be able to find puzzles, brain teasers, interactive exercises, thinking games, and many other entertaining activities. This site is also interested in informing about topics like intelligence and the functions of the brain (you can read articles about these subjects). In order to use all the features that this site offers, you need to register. The registration process is quick and easy, because you just need to submit your email and some personal data. There is a search engine at this website that can help you if you are trying to find a specific piece of information. If you want to test your brain, visit and take a look at the puzzles and brain teasers they offer.