– Twilight Landscape Lighting

This is the official website of Smart Industries Inc. This family of companies is based in Carrolton, Texas and comprises Twilight Landscape Lightning and other companies. If you need to buy low voltage lightning or solar landscaping lightning products, you might check this site out.

This website will let you browse for landscape lightning products offered by this company. This site features a product catalog, with information regarding the low voltage lightning items, as well as solar landscaping lightning products. Moreover, offers a section with common problems is provided, so you can learn more about the lightning products featured.

Remember next time you need to buy lightning products for your garden. On this site you will find information about low voltage lightning products, along with solar landscaping lightning items. On you will find information about landscape lightning products, as well as product warranty and frequently asked questions.

UPDATE: The site seems to be down as today Tuesday May 8, 2012. If you’re also experiencing the same problem, please do let us know in the comments section below. Thanks for your cooperation in advance!