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SlantMagazine.comUnless you’ve been living in a vacuum for the past years, you are probably aware of the existence of Slant Magazine, which is arguably one of the most influential online sources of news, comment, opinion and controversy in the world of indie, pop and mainstream entertainment, be it in the form of music or film, and occasionally TV as well. One of the most attractive areas of the site, though, is the one that deals with film festivals and award events, which get coverage mainly through the blog area.


The site presents reviews of some of the latest releases in the industry, and also the chance for its readers to vent their opinions and feelings in regard to them in a forum that summons crowds of avid commentators. I would have liked the site to present some list of its most read or commented on articles, so that new readers can quickly understand what the editorial standpoint of the webzine is.


Author : Steve Dixon

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