– Flying Parts, Grounded Prices

SkyGeek.comAn eCommerce site, is the way to go if you’re after replacement parts for a sports plane: from engine and lighting to fuel accessories and landing gear, they’ve got it all covered.

Note that the site is quite uneven in regard to the amount and quality of information it provides for the products it sells: if you’re taking a look at hardware and engine parts, chances are you will be met by a scanty description and further shopping suggestions; if you’re taking a look at electronics and navigational aids, you’ll get extensive information on features, capabilities, operating procedures and even recycling plans. Though it’s clear that GPS are really much more exciting than bolts and screws, it’s also true that it’s professional to present an even level of information or links to other sites to get it from, an element they’ll hopefully work on soon. Other than that, the site is nicely organized so that getting round to the perfect item for your plane or pilot is a matter of a few clicks, plus some handy highlights make it even easier to find a product of interest.