– The Socorro Independent School District Site

Sisd.netBasically, this site is a resource for students, parents, teachers as well as the community at large of the Socorro Independent School District. It’s one of the fastest-growing school districts in El Paso County, Texas, serving 25 elementary schools, 14 middle schools, 6 high schools, an alternative school and a community education program.

They have a stadium with capacity for 11,000 people and the Aquatic Center is nearby. The aim of this site is to enhance students’ academic, artistic, athletic and social skills. Their goals are to improve student performance, provide a safe learning environment, improve parent and community involvement, foster teamwork spirit, and provide a highly qualified, well-trained staff. There are many interesting sections to browse. Under Schools, there’s a comprehensive list of schools in the district. Under Departments you will find all the subjects and departments listed. Under Parents, there are all kinds of advice and tips, and you can check up on your child’s education. In the section for students, there’s information and helpful tips on topics like internet usage and abusage, and the use of wecams. Then there’s news and information about forthcoming events, the community, athletic events, a street search tool and other useful links.