SirWeb.Org – Society Of Interventional Radiology

SirWeb.OrgSirWeb.Org is the website for the Society of Interventional Radiology.

It is a national organization of physicians, scientists, and allied health professionals dedicated to improving public health through disease management and minimally invasive, image-guided therapeutic interventions. At the top of the homepage you will find some categories that provide information about this organization. These will also help you browse the Site. Some of them are: Members, Medical Professionals, Patients, Fellows, Residents and Students, Corporate, and About Us. Being a leader in modern medicine means utilizing the most current technology to provide the best patient care. Its members strive to stay on the cutting edge of medicine through new devices, better medications, and the latest procedures. They rely on industry leaders and the experiences of fellow interventional radiologists to learn about what is new and what works best for patients. At this website, you can learn more about interventional radiology, abdominal aortic aneurysms, angioplasty, cancer, and other hard diseases. SirWeb.Org