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Sightix.comIsrael-based Sightix is a search engine platform designed to give people the results that they are not currently receiving from Google. The platform is available to any site that contains social elements and it enables individual users to receive different search results based on their social graph.


Simply put, the Sightix algorithm takes a user’s friends and connections into account whenever they search for something on the platform. An example of this engine at work would be if a user was in need of a doctor; a Google search would provide thousands of qualified doctors in their area while a Sightix search would provide all doctors within that user’s social realm. With this example in mind, the advantages of Sightix become obvious, what better way to find a doctor than to get a recommendation from one of your friends, even if it is a bit of a passive recommendation. In Their Own Words

“Sightix is a search platform for social networks that returns personalized results to users based on their social graph.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This platform could really be a smash hit due to the fact that it truly addresses the current lack of a functioning and practical social search engine. The multitude of social networks could adopt Sightix to offer a value added service to the users but more importantly, as a means of finally cracking the problem with monetizing a business network.

Some Questions About

On their website they make no mention of current customers who are using the platform. Are they currently up and running on any sites? How about the development of a stand-alone-platform that would allow users to search across social networks but maintaining the same functionality?


Author : Caroline Bright

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