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ShowcaseYourMusic.comDo you remember what MySpace used to be like before the teenagers and glitter people found about it? The good old times where aspiring bands used it to create a profile and play their songs are gone for MySpace and they are almost certainly not coming back, but you can get the same service you could get back then from this site, only there is a higher chance representatives will learn about you if you choose this site over social network platforms. ShowcaseYourMusic.

com is a super basic profiling system to where users (bands or soloists) can upload a brief comment about themselves, plus unlimited amount of pictures, videos and mp3s they created in order to catch the attention of record company’s reps. There are some limited networking tools which allow people looking at the site to send private messages or leave comments in the profile, and also to bookmark favorite showcases. Though all genres, styles and instruments are welcome, it’s clear that most of the showcases lean towards the rock, pop and hip-hop side of the spectrum. Joining the site to create a showcase or to browse the existing ones is completely free, by the way.