– Show Business Classifieds

Showbizjobs.comThis website is like any regular jobs classified site, but with one exception: it’s limited only to jobs in the show business. But not like casting calls or talent searching.

They focus on all the other jobs on the show business like corporate and production jobs in the entertainment industry: films, TV, music, animation, game development, etc. So, once you get into the site, the first thing you are going to find is a question. Are you a job seeker or an employee? So, depending on the answer two different sites are opened. Employees can post job openings here. For that, first you have to be a member; posting an ad here is not for free. For example, a 30 day job posting costs 150 dollars. If you are a job seeker you can fill in the specifications of the job you are looking for and you will get all the job openings that match your criteria. This service is free; if you want to access to the premium services you would have to pay.