– Hail To The Chef

 Shortorder.comAll the world’s chefs must have had a collective sigh of relief when found its way to their computer screen.

This site has literally everything that short order cooks or chefs could possibly dream of having their kitchen. Even the most minimal or austere chef will be salivating over some of the products and their prices found on this site. For the beginner, there are even buyer’s guides so that you can fully research the product before you make an investment into that brand new refrigerator with all the bells and whistles. From the biggest restaurant to the small, family place down the street, this site has the equipment to cover all ends of the spectrum. Showing its commitment to the industry, even publishes a newsletter to keep users aware of all the latest trends in the industry. Incredibly, there is also a chat function where buyers can ask questions from customer service representatives. And, to simplify matters, there is even an option to get the equipment installed when you make a purchase so that you can start using it right away. will have the chef cooking up a storm in no time.