– As Seen On TV Products

ShoppersHalt.comThe tagline for this eCommerce is “You’ve seen I, we’ve got it”, and I reckon that’s a rather precise way to describe it: they sell a huge variety of home, garden, fitness and children’s equipment and gadgets. You can use this rather unsavory site in terms of design to search for products you’ve seen advertised on TV by category and make your purchases online.

It’s clear that the site needs some reworking to make the shopping experience more attractive and comfortable: one idea would be to locate products in price ranges, or to organize a gift section; most of the products they offer help people to live their lives more easily in one way or other, so probably a category listing products for special hearing or seeing needs can help highlight certain products of great use for people with disabilities. Also, what about green products? carries several electric scooter models, something you probably won’t get to find out about unless you do some browsing in the site. One of the points of main interest to is probably for inventors and developers of products, who can submit their ideas and get help to get a patent and also sell them through the site.