ShopNChill.Com – Shop With Friends

ShopNChill.ComNow you have a brand new way to shop online. If you are looking for any particular apparel, these could be good news for you.

Shop N Chill™ enables collaborative shopping, allowing consumers to go on virtual Shopping Trips™ that replicate the experience of shopping at a real mall. This works essentially the same way it works when you go to the mall. The good thing about it is the fact that you will be able to stay at home.

Users can shop with their friends, including those on Facebook™, MySpace™, and Friendster™, and when they are ready to checkout they can split their bill using Shop N Chill’s Split-Bill™ technology.

You like going to the mall with your friends, do not you? Then, if you or your friends do not have enough time to go together, you can have the same group experience online.

Shoppers can get real-time style and fashion advice from style consultants and other users, find their perfect fit in apparel and jewelry, and build their virtual wardrobe.

This will be a unique experience for you and your friends.