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Shop.safeway.comWhen the founder of the company Mr. Charles Von der Ahe first arrived in Los Angeles there were only a few people living there and not so many stores.

That was back in 1906. The business started in order to satisfy the needs of some families, and nowadays they provide supplies to thousands of people. On the man page of the web site there are some links on the top, like: wellness center, shop stores, recipe center, etc. Within the shop stores section you will see pharmacies, organics, as well as promotions and weekly specials. The weekly specials can help you out when you run out of ideas of what to cook at night. Furthermore, there is a recipe center where you can browse for diverse recipes, such as: appetizers and snacks, barbecue, beverages, cakes, cookies, desserts, fish and seafood, grains and legumes, etc. Plus, there is lots of ethnic and regional meals, as well as kid friendly menus.