– Creating A Custom Search Page

ShinySearch.comPeople love customizing every single thing that they have to deal with on a daily basis. It is perfectly understandable – a plain cubicle at work gives our coworkers no idea of who we are, and the same goes for a bland Twitter profile.

If anything, giving a touch of our own to anything others might come into contact with ensures that some barriers are already not there. That is exactly the case with ShinySearch. In principle, it will let you have a customized search page that will bear your name and a design you can choose from many that are on offer.

These designs are subdivided into categories for guys, girls and kids, and there is a very representative number to pick from in each case. Boys can have design which are themed after ninjas, James Bond girls and Harley Davidson bikes, while girls will be able to choose from designs such as rebel girls, pink flowers and so on.

For its part, kids can have their pick from perennial cartoon characters and other cuddly-duddly designs, so each member of the household will be part of the fun for sure. In Their Own Words

“Select style & enter your name below to create custom homepage.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are enough designs on offer to satisfy the whole family, and the service is completely free.

Some Questions About

Which further customizations capabilities could be offered?