– A More Visual Approach To Amazon

ShelfLuv.comIf you use Amazon primarily to buy books, then this website is certainly worth a look. In essence, it will let you look up titles in a cooler way, as anything that you search is displayed in an interactive bookshelf.

This bookshelf is populated as you are typing. That is, books begin being placed on the bookshelf as you inputting their titles.

Once the titles have been displayed, an “A-Z/Rank” button will let you sort the results in the way that you want. And telling hardcover editions and paperbacks from each other is very easy. You can also differentiate Kindle books from the rest at a glance.

This service pays a clear debt to Google Instant and YouTube Instant, but I think that it really has a character and personality of its very own. It is not that it would let you find books for sale on Amazon easier, but anything that emphasises visual aspects so markedly is always a lot of fun. And Shelf Luv is definitely no exception to that rule. In Their Own Words

“Build a bookshelf as you type.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Visual search engines are always naturally attractive.

Some Questions About

Does this work on all browsers?