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ShelbyStar.comDo you currently live in the Cleveland County area? Do you want daily, up to date news in your local area? There are many people who choose to buy the newspaper in the morning on the way to work. This is a real hassle sometimes.

Do you find it hard enough to make it on time to catch the bus or the train, without having to worry about buying the paper every morning? Buying the newspaper every morning has become a thing of the past. It is expensive and you can hardly read it on the bus or train anyway. Why not sit down and relax in the morning and enjoy local news at the click of a mouse? More and more people are turning to online newspapers nowadays because they’re very user friendly and are less heavy on the pocket. If you currently reside in the Cleveland area, is the local online news site you were looking for. Hosting all the breaking headlines, obituaries, message boards, news alerts, and much more, you can always trust you’re getting the most recent news on