– Information About Sheep And Shepherding

Sheep101.infoThis site offers all the information you need to know about sheep and shepherding. If you are a student, teacher, member, beginner in shepherding or simply are interested in this subject and would like to know more, then this site could be your source of information.

In the About Sheep section you can find basic sheep information, the differences between sheep and goats, differences between sheep, lambs, ewes, rams and wethers, sheep’s tails, why they follow each other, their senses and much more. You can find information on all the different kinds of sheep, the black sheep, the naked sheep, and also you can look in the directory to read about them as well. Raising sheep is a very important issue, so therefore, in this site you can read about how you can make a living by raising them, how many babies they usually have and all about how they are raised. Other aspects of sheep such as what do they eat, sheep products, their history, and their predators is also available in this site.