– Test The Water First

SharkScope.comStressful times? Feel like taking a sabbatical year? Though certainly not something your most sound friends will suggest as a sane or healthy course of action, getting some time off to lie around in pajamas and socks playing internet poker could be a way to earn a living, or at least in a parallel universe it would. So while you are in this one, maximize your strategical information by visiting this site, which is a database of online poker players’ data from a wide variety of sources, platforms and sites; you can search the nickname of any player and get quick stats on number of games, stakes, ROI (an average of how much she has won or lost for her money), earnings totals, etc.

The advantage of such a platform is obvious, as it’s a completely fair advantage –and one that is allowed by all the game rooms it audits— and will quickly let you know whether the people you will be playing against are winners or losers, so you can decide if it’s wiser to jump in or wait for the next hand. Anyone can use, and the site allows you to perform up to five daily searches for free, but you can sign up, pay a fee and get unlimited analyzing power, and with some practice, you might be in to become a successful poker player.