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Shamwow.comJust like any TV infomercial or teleshopping program, this website offers Shamwow, their super towel, available only on this website. Shamwow is a towel specially developed in Germany, which holds 21 times its weight on liquid.

It also cleans spills fast, last for years, doesn’t scratch any surfaces, and its machine washable and bleachable. On this website you can find everything about it, look at pictures, video demonstrations, and learn all its features and ways of use it. Of course, here you can buy online the towel, which costs only 19.95 per unit. The product comes with a 10 year guarantee and the regular additional gifts. You can buy online with any major credit card and it’s shipped all across United States as well as internationally. Finally, if you have further questions, you an get in touch with their customer support team by email. All the inquiries are responded within the next 48 hours.