Sfn.org – Society For Neuroscience

Sfn.orgSfn.org is the official site for the society of neuroscience.

At the site you will be able to find all the information related to brain issues. To make your search easier the site is organized into different categories. The ones that are featured at the site are: annual meeting, membership & chapters, about neuroscience, professional development, education & advocacy, information for: general public, press and educators, important resources and publications. Each category is also subdivided into different sections. Some of those subcategories are: neuroscience 2008, neuroscience 2007, future and past annual meetings, annual meeting statistics, what is neuroscience, neuroscience database gateway, neuroscience in the news, news releases, brain backgrounders, history of neuroscience, links to resources, abstracts / annual meeting publications, annual reports, autobiographies, brain facts, brain research success stories, guide to public advocacy, guidelines for crisis management, journal of neuroscience, neuroscience nexus, neuroscience quarterly, responsible conduct regarding scientific, searching for answers: families and brain disorders, searching for answers: from understanding principles, battling brain disorders: voices from public figures, short courses and transnational neuroscience accomplishments. Sfn.org