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Seuss web page. For those who are interested, come and take a look at this site; you will find here some great information, hard-to find anywhere else. Although this is not the official site of Dr. Seuss, you will find some great things within these pages anyway. As the site is associated to, you will be able to buy Dr. Seuss books directly from this site. You are also able to buy Dr Seuss t-shirts, ties, boxer shorts, and some other things directly from Here are some of the contents that you will find; list of Dr, Seuss books, videos, parodies, and much more. Links to other related Dr. Seuss sites are available as well. Feel free to explore the entire site and take fully advantage of all it has to offer. If you would like to share your opinion, or have comments, you can email the webmaster; he really welcomes your suggestions.