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SeniorJobBank.comThis website works like an online job bank. It is really practical both for the individuals who want to advertise a job opening, and for those who are looking for a job.


The main difference between this site and all the other websites that help job seekers is that this one focuses in “senior” workers. The job openings they post are for individuals over 50. If you want to find the ideal employee for your business, and you want to advertise your ad at, you need to pay a fee of $109 (U.S. dollars) for 60 days. If you want to be updated about the latest job offerings, you can subscribe to receive their free newsletter. You need to submit your email address and they will send it to you account. You can find out more about this company and the services they provide at the section called “about”. If you are over 50 and you are looking for a job, you should visit and find out what they can offer you.


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