Selling or buying Laboratory equipment?

Labbay(r) recently announced the launch of www.labbay.

, a resource for buying for both new and used
analytical and laboratory equipment together with associated services,
software, accessories and consumables.

European Focus

Labbay(r) has been formed with the European consumer in mind, where sourcing laboratory supplies within the European community. Labbay(r) provides a hassle free method for buying products without the worry of expensive import duties and equipment voltage requirements. Buyers can search from either within their specific country for products and services or from further afield, for a wider availability.

Linking Products, Services and Consumables

Labbay(r) provides the unique service of placing customers in contact with
local service and support companies, where support to customers is provided in their local language. Each equipment item is linked to service
organizations, that are qualified to support the make and model of each
item. This provides sellers from outside Europe with the opportunity to
work with European service companies, registered on Labbay(r), who provide buyers with a guarantee of local after sales support. Consumables and software are all indexed to the relevant products allowing buyers to quickly source supplies suitable for their chosen equipment.

Why Selling or buying Laboratory equipment? It Might Be A Killer

Search for used laboratory equipment in your country!
Selling your own not used equipment directly on the internet!
Selling your overstock items without bothering your sales forces!