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Seekseek.comThis search engine helps people find relevant information on the Internet. Major search engines like Yahoo or AltaVista maintain huge databases of web sites that users can search by typing in some text.

Typically those engines provide results based on advertiser payments. In comparison to these search engines does not let advertisers influence their positions. Simply to compile their powerful databases, they rely on computer programs that navigate across the web by following links from site to site and indexing each site they visit. SeekSeek search engine uses its own set of criteria to decide what websites to include in its database. Also unique are the criteria each individual search engine uses to organize information for its users. Some list the results of a user’s search according to which sites have the most links from other sites. Other search engines prioritize results according to the summary information contained in sites tags, and still others look for common themes used throughout a site. There are many other ways to organize results. SeekSeek uses a combination of all those systems to provide the most accurate information to fulfill your needs.