– Search Twitter In A Supple Way

SearchTastic.comTwitter gives users the chance to get real time information about anything that might be occurring in the world in a simple way. That is why the system is so attractive to millions of users globally.

There are different events that have been made public through twitter. That is why this solution deserves your attention. In essence, this site can be defined as a new Twitter search engine.

Searchtastic is a system that has the capability to search for historical tweets and provide users with an improved search functionality that happens to be better than the one displayed by twitter itself by default. In fact, Searchtastic is not limited to tweets from the last seven days making it possible for users to have instant access to the most followed users on the Top 100 page.

This system uses a new interface that optimizes any search in both in time and exactitude. The site was designed in a simple way and users can search for the most relevant tweets and tweeters in a totally uncomplicated way. In the near future the service is going to include new features with the intention to make it more attractive for a wider audience. The company behind this application is open to your feedback as well as any media or business development inquiries – if you have any thoughts, do let them know. In Their Own Words

“Smart Twitter Search.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a top resource for those wanting to know more about different Twitter results and back tweets.

Some Questions About

What will happen to this if Twitter ever offers a similar functionality by default?