– Fractal Search Coming Your Way

Search.GalaxyIt.comGalaxyIt is a new way to search. The idea is to get rid of top down lists that you find on most other search engines ie Google.

Rather, what you get is a centered search term, surrounded by eight cells with related topics, creating a grid of nine panels which are called galaxies. It’s like a mosaic of results. You can drag any one of the panels to the center to refresh the search results to reflect that item. The zoom feature allows users to see results at different levels—if the first eight results aren’t what you’re looking for, you can zoom out to see related search terms. Of course, searches can be filtered by images, video, or news. The site’s currently in alpha, so you might find your search rather limited. In Their Own Words

“Galaxy IT, Inc., a visual knowledge mapping company in Fresno, California, is developing a unique software application called “Galaxy It.” Knowledge-mapping companies like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft traditionally develop different software applications for recording and presenting different types of information especially on the Internet. Users therefore waste time, money, and effort in travelling to different sites for their desired applications. In contrast, the Galaxy It software is an ‘all-in-one place’ software application that saves users time, money, and effort. For instance, users can do web search, explore the web, search a dictionary and thesaurus, make notes, upload pictures and videos, and socially network as well as infinitely collaborate using the same application or interface. As the world’s first software application that is so extremely multi-functional, Galaxy It is a new category of software for mapping knowledge.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting approach to searching. It’s a very different way to display results, which many people will probably like. The visual manner seems more intuitive. It’s definitely worth a look.

Some Questions About

Granted it is in alpha, Galaxy is incredibly slow. It runs on Javascript, so you’ll find your browser will be bogged down. Besides, that it requires some explanation. Users will have to take time to get used to how it works.