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ScrapbookFlair.comScrapbookFlair is an international community of scrapbook enthusiasts which aims to provide its members with useful features for creative scrapbooking. It’s a young community with just two years on the internet, but they have already created a fun website where you can get resources any time you visit it.

With ideas from scrappers all over the world,’s members share their most precious possessions: their memories. Therefore, on the pages of this site, you will see glimpses into people’s lives, their loves and pride, and everything from the simple moments to the truly incredible. If you are interested in knowing this community, you should firstly take the Nickel Tour by clicking the grey button that follows you wherever you go. Then, access the different sections at the top of your screen and check the hot links at the homepage, which include downloadable stuff and galleries for many topics: babies, celebrations, hobbies, and more.