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Sciencefriday.comAre you one of those persons who think science is difficult and boring? When someone says anything related to science studies, does it sound like ancient Chinese to you? If you answered yes to one of the questions, you have reached the right place. Sciencefriday.

com is the site for the radio show that tries to make science user-friendly. It is a weekly science talk show focused on science topics that are in the spotlight. In the site you will find this and much more information of the show. Are you out of the States and still want to listen to your favorite show? Listen the radio online; there is a link for you to click on locate din the home page. In the main page you will also find more information about the topics and theories to be treated in the show. Do you have some science stuff to share? Read more about sharing your science work with by navigating the site. For more info, visit