– Keep Up With Your Kids is a kid management system – a web-based platform where parents, teachers, PTA/O leaders, coaches, club leaders, and anyone else with active kids can save time and improve their effectiveness with a robust set of easy-to-use calendars and group management tools.

Parents are struggling to manage all the commitments of their school-aged kids who are involved in an ever increasing number of different activities. The leaders on whom parents depend to make their kids’ lives so rich such as room parents, coaches, and teachers often spend more time communicating with parents than working with kids. SchoolPulse simplifies parent’s lives by giving them simple tools to communicate with teachers, coaches, room parents, and other activity leaders. By registering, they receive a personalized homepage, calendar, and membership in groups for every activity in which their children are involved. These groups include discussion boards, wish lists, and photo sharing. Parents can finally move beyond the chaos created by all the disorganized communications coming at them via errant emails, late night phone calls, and crumpled notes in student backpacks. Teachers, room parents, PTA leaders, coaches, and other activity leaders can manage their classrooms, teams, and groups on SchoolPulse as well. They can distribute schedules, invite parents to meetings, post classroom wish lists, and recruit volunteers to help using simple online tools. With a centralized place to share, everyone gets and gives what they need efficiently and expeditiously.