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Scandimatch.comScandimatch is a new dating site that lets Britons be matched with Scandinavians. Here, these can specify what they are seeking in terms of gender and expectations (IE, a casual or a long-term relationship, a friendship, a romance… even marriage is an option), and the system will generate a list of potential dates for them to choose the one that seems more suitable. And the city they want their possible partner to be located is also something that can be minutely specified, obviously.

The site is free to use, and the only thing that should be done before you are allowed to carry a search through it is signing up for an account. The only information you have to supply is your gender, your date of birth, a screen name and an email address (to which an activation link will be sent). You have to supply no personally identifiable information of any kind, and that is always a good thing. In Their Own Words

Scandinavians like the Brits so much they invaded them regularly. Brits dream about cool blondes and saunas. Scandimatch brings that all to life with Scandinavian cool and Brit humour. Flirt and date from Helsinki to Oslo, London to Copenhagen, Manchester to Stockholm all on one site!

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are either British or Scandinavian, this site will let you find the person of your dreams.

Some Questions About

Will the site ever expand itself, and cover more territories?