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Who is AT&T? AT&T is the number 1 telecommunications network in America and around the world. AT&T offers its telecommunication services to residents, small business, and enterprises throughout the country. One of the many services that AT&T provides is fast broadband internet. If you are a customer of AT&T and have this service, then you are most likely entitled to a AT&T equipment rebate. That’s where comes in. provides customers of AT&T with information on how to claim their equipment rebate. Whether you’re a residential customer or a Business customer you’re eligible for the rebate provided by AT&T. There are two rebates available for the residential customer, namely Residential AT&T Wireless Gateway Promotional Homezone Rebate and Residential AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Equipment Rebate Program. There is also one rebate program for business customers of AT&T, namely Business AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Equipment Rebate Program. If you’re a AT&T customer and have any of these internet services, log on to and find out if you’re eligible for the rebate.