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SaltwaterSportsman.comThere’s a gazillion sites covering amateur fishing, but few cover such diverse areas of interest as this one does. Salt Water Sportsman Magazine is actually a monthly print magazine, and in this site, visitors can read highlights from the current issue and search part of the archives (if the whole of it is available, it’s not advertised); in any case, it’s certainly filled with interesting features and reports to catch up with, for instance: you can read regional reports on US top fishing destinations, take a look at the recently launched weekly videocasts covering a variety of topics of interest, like conservation, buying a boat or marine protected areas.

Those of you who enjoy researching your salt water fishes before getting on the boat will be happy to know that you can search for different fish species and learn about their habitat, what the best live or imitation baits to get them are, and even get tips on the best fishing techniques to get them. Of course, a big part of practicing any competition sport like fishing is the bragging rights, so they have provided image gallery space to their readers to upload pictures of themselves, their fishing trip and their preys. Maybe you know all about fishes and finding them, but are a bit lost in the rest of the areas, like the boats, electronics or even how to spot a good tide: worry no more, as can help you better understand what to look for or avoid when shopping for a boat, a decoy or deciding when to sail. It could be a good idea to subscribe to the print edition (which you can do using the site), to get something interesting to read while waiting for the fishes to bite.