– A New Search Engine Arrives

Sagoon.comWhile it is evident that coming up with a new search engine is not really the most sound business proposition owing to the standing of giants that have been around ever since the early days, nothing can keep some from trying. And it is nice to see new endeavors such as this one come along and try to inject some vitality into the process.

In general terms, Sagoon is a search service that uses its own custom-built spider and a specifically-developed artificial intelligence technology to provide users with high quality contents. Whenever a search is carried out, you can choose the category itself from the prototypical ones like “Web”, “News” and “Video”, whereas two named “Directory” and “Classifieds” are likewise included. The site yields results in a very timely manner, and according to what you looked for different tabs will be displayed. For instance, if you look up “Microsoft” tabs reading “Microsoft Office” and “Microsoft Updates” are displayed.

The team is working hard to implement both semantic search and natural language processing, in a bid to take off and establish full flight. Its strategy is to promote services based on the needs of the user, and create something akin to a fraternity both for business clients and users. Hence its name, derived from a Sanskrit word that means auspicious or ushering good results. Try the site for yourself and see whether you find that description accurate or not. In Their Own Words

“Sagoon’s goal is to bring and organize online information from every corner of the world where development is at nascent stage. To fulfill this goal, we have developed a search technology that strives to make searching for quality content a pleasant experience. We are also in the process of adding unique features by developing semantic search and natural language processing. Our artificial intelligence technology, moreover, assesses user needs and demands in order to provide them the best quality content that they are looking for.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is nice to see new endeavors come along and try to revitalize the scene.

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Does it stand a chance against the big boys?