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If you asked the head of any American family to name his three major expenses, then you can rest assured that healthcare is going to be there. And in most of cases, it will top the list. Knowing as much, I’m sure you’re going to find a site like interesting. The pharmacy that created it (NBRx) offers a neighborhood program which means that you could save between 10% and 85% on most medications. If you sign up for this program, you’ll be getting a card that you can hand to your local pharmacist along with your prescriptions. The pharmacist will there and then calculate the discount that applies, and you’ll get to buy your medication at a reduced price.


Currently, there’s over 60,000 national and regional participating pharmacies. And in addition to letting you buy your medications in person, this discount card program lets you buy maintenance prescriptions in 90 day supplies. In this way, you’ll get to maximize both your savings and your time

And just to make things easier for you, the site lets you compare drug prices by location. A map is featured for you to pinpoint your location, and take your search from there. And so is a list of participating chains.

The best thing about the whole service is clearly that you’re asked to fill no forms or disclose any kind of information to get your drugs. Just by handing your card to the pharmacist along with the prescription you’ll be getting your medication at a discounted price.
It’s important to keep in mind, though, that these pharmacy discounts are not meant to work as a substitute for your medical insurance. These are two completely different things. This program simply lets you get discounts at certain healthcare providers, for specific medical services. And also, remember that quotes can only be provided personally. You must hand your card and your prescription to the pharmacist for him to tell you how much you could be saving.


Author : Bill Webb

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