– Search Ebay Like Pinterest

Rumma.geAnd the Pinterest effect goes on. It’s reached eBay now. And the time to search for items using an interface that gives you bigger pictures is finally here. Rummage lets you look eBay items up both by keyword and by category, and get instant results. All of the categories that you can find on eBay are part of this site, and you can choose the one that applies from a big drop down menu.

For anything that you search through this site (say, Les Paul guitars) you’re getting a screen filled with results that looks just like Pinterest. Each result comes with a picture, and two buttons: “Make it big” and “See on eBay”. And information such as how many bids that item has received is always featured, along with its current price.

The site’s quite good as it stands right now, but there’s no denying that adding a good couple more filters would make it a lot more usable. For example, if you could set down a price range for what you’re looking for then finding suitable items would be much easier. And the same could be said about having results sorted by ending time and popularity. In Their Own Words

eBay with big pictures.

Some Questions About

Will this ever become the “official” way in which items are searched on eBay? Or is that too much of a long shot?