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Rovrr.comThis site offers a service that gives users the opportunity to take a look at different products in order to recommend them to their friends.

This online solution uses all the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, for users to mark the products they like, as well as to recommend them to the people they know.

If you get to recommend a product you will receive points when your friends read or take a look at them. After you accumulate enough points you will get cash. This is a very simple process. It is always good to make some extra money. You can use this cash in order to buy products in, or if you prefer, you can donate them to a charity.

This is a very convenient way to interact with people with the same interests. The system works pretty much as Facebook because you can see your friends’ friends and check if there are any interesting products they recommend.

This is why this online resource offers advertisers a very proficient instrument in order to generate sales and quantify the value of peer’s recommendations.