– God’s Final Witness

RonaldWeinland.comRonald Wienland, a pastor for over twenty-five years in the Church of God, speaks to church congregations in different locations across the world, broadcasting as well on live sermons on church web casts. Ronaldweinland.

com is a site where many visitors lie upon traumatic events, and this man intends to prepare them and warn them through these congregations he visits. Ronald Weinland has been considered the prophet chosen by God in 1997, when the last one chosen was over 1900 years ago. His first book, The Prophesied End-Time, and second book, God’s Final Witness, have been intense revelations, where Ronald Weinman reveals the truth of hidden secrets uncovered by man for thousands of years. Besides on explaining who Ronald Weinland is and what he did, in you can read the interview comments, read about both books he has written, The Prophesied End-Time and God’s Final Witness. You can be informed on the next trips he intends to make, and enter into the links available which enter into the written books links, the Church of God, the biblical truth and listen to more interviews.