– Cough And Cold Relief From Wyeth

Robitussin.comWith some summer left, the whole perspective of cough, cold, flu and other such unpleasant states of matter seem oh so distant. But they’re not, and if you are having lots of complimentary DSL to use up at the office and want to know a bit more about cough syrup and drops, try Robitussin.

com, one of the Wyeth Consumer Healthcare network of sites, where you will be able to find a site specially designed for patients to better understand the different presentations this medication comes in, and find the one that’s the most adequate to treat each cold or flu. I was happy to find age-specific information on drug safety and abuse in the homepage, presenting information on how to detect and avoid such problems. The site is nicely designed, and carries the essential information on dosage, secondary effects and also a convenient product finder, which will allow you to find the specific drops or syrup to treat your malaise, with a good plus: you can print coupons and save some money too. If you follow the ‘purchase’ link to your right side, you’ll find a list of online retailers carrying Robitussin, and also a list of offline retailers close to your home which can help you get the medicine as well.