– Rules Of Order

RobertsRules.orgOrders of the day, main motion, parliament inquiry, limit debate…these are all concepts related to meetings and conventions. Though they should be simple precepts created to regulate fair and orderly meetings and other formal instances, these rules are often hard to understand, hard to put into practice, and can cause confusion rather that organize opinions.

When the spoken word is the main character, gatherings can result into tedious lapses in which groups don’t reach a conclusion and everybody feels they are losing their time while speaking senseless. This site tries to give some solutions that can help working these kinds of problems out. introduces some rules of order for fair and orderly meetings and conventions, which aim to play a referential role in this area of human activity. Here visitors can find an in-depth explanation of the cause and consequences of this problem, as well as some solution guidelines. Apart from the main article and the rules itself, there are also other useful links to related pages.