Risesmart.com – Job Search for C-Level Execs

Risesmart.comRiseSmart’s focus on finding 100K+ jobs has peaked enough interest to earn it 1.5 million in venture capital funding.

A subscription based service that prescreens resumes to save time and ensure that only the most viable are interviewed, RiseSmart is part job board and part career coach. Each member is assigned a “Job Concierge” who takes care of matching member profiles to the most suitable jobs by using an automated search of the job database. With over 1 million jobs in its database, RiseSmart has a lot to offer to C-Level executives looking for that next perfect job. Members can also take advantage of tools to market themselves more effectively like a resume-writing service and a salary intelligence tool.

Risesmart.com In Their Own Words

For the first time, RiseSmart brings the human touch to online search with the introduction of the RiseSmart Concierge™. Our Concierges match jobs with members based on each member’s unique preferences – taking the heavy lifting out of the search process.

Why Risesmart.com It Might Be A Killer

By saving considerable time for the nation’s best paid and already having a database of 1 million jobs, RiseSmart shouldn’t have any problems convincing people to pay their 43.95 monthly fee. They are offering a service with a lot of value to people who can afford the price. No wonder they were successful in receiving recent funding.

Some Questions About Risesmart.com

They have wisely focused their efforts on a specific segment but the question still arises as to whether they will be able to differentiate themselves enough to be able to attract enough people who are willing to pay the monthly fee. They will need to continue educating people as to the differences between themselves, and the multitude of free online job boards. Risesmart.com