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RIMag.comRestaurants and Institutions claims to be the leading source of vital information for the entire foodservice industry, both in print and online, covering chains, independent restaurants, hotels and institutions. It has its own website, RIMag.

com, and here you will find all the information you need to know about restaurants, beverages, and much more. RIMag.com is committed to providing its most demanding visitors with a large variety of information about what they are looking for. The printed edition of R&I is published 18 times per year. Yes you read it right; it is published 18 times, which is quite a lot. Now you will have access to the magazine information online and that sounds pretty cool. On the site you will also find some great recipes for you to cook tasty meals at home. What else will you be able to find at RIMag.com? There is a blog for you to read some interesting articles. Check out RIMag.com for more info. RIMag.com